We are looking for passionate franchisee partners in major cities and towns across India.

Education has long been receiving the major spending of the Indian middle class. The education market is generally regarded as the only market towards which Indians are not price-sensitive because it has helped them reach their present standard of living and promises better earnings and prospects for their children. Parents increasingly prefer private institutions in all domains due to the low quality and poor infrastructure of government-owned and -aided institutions. While just 7% of the more than 1 million schools in India are privately owned, they account for 40% of the country’s 219 million students enrolled. With the growth of the Indian middle class and the increase in its members’ spending power, there is expected to be a major supply-demand gap, which opens up many entrepreneurial opportunities in this sector. India has emerged as very important educational center in the global education industry. India has more than 1.4 million schools and more than 35,000 higher education institutes.

Be a part of this growing market by partnering with Young Genius International Monthly Magazine for Children for the segment of K-12. Young Genius is very well accepted and appreciated magazine in Indian market from parents, teachers, educationists and most importantly school kids. Young Genius: Inspires and educates children to be ambitious leaders

Today’s children will play the most important role in building our nation. Hence Young Genius is for our future citizens; Young Genius plays a very important role expanding knowledge, improving creativity and communication skills in children. skills in children. Young Genius inculcates reading habits in children with information and knowledge other than their school curriculum.

To cater growing demand of our magazine in schools across India, we are offering franchisee Networks in major cities and towns. We are looking for Franchisees and Distributors who can market our products in schools of the respective cities.

Why should I start Young Genius Franchisee?

  • To be part of growing education industry.
  • Great return on Investment.
  • Low Initial investment for Franchisee.
  • Less competition in the market.
  • Can be managed with low capital and few employees.
  • Franchisee can be taken by individuals who want to be entrepreneurs.
  • Immediate revenue generation from day 1.
  • Training, sales and business plan support to the franchisees.
  • Repeat sales year on year with fixed revenues.
  • Low risk with low investment.
  • Proven Business model.

Who can take up franchisee?

  • Individuals who want to start something of their own.
  • Existing entrepreneurs looking for alternate business expansion.
  • Passionate educationists for extra revenues.
  • Marketing professionals in education and other sectors.

Want to be part of this Growing Network? Then please send us your profile and contact details and we would be in touch with you. Please fill the form below:

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